No need to go
to the spa

Mobile massage in your HOME HOTEL ROOM YACHT any place of your convenience.

Aroha Spa is a luxury mobile spa

Luxurious spa massages delivered directly
to your front door!

Aroha Spa is a luxury mobile spa massage service operating in Ibiza, Sitges and Barcelona. We offer a range of therapeutic and sensitive massage options, brought to you, wherever you are. In a frantic world where time and convenience are treasured, allow us to concentrate on the logistics. All you have to do is enjoy an unforgettable massage.

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About us:

Aroha Spa is a company that offers mobile spa massages in your home, hotel room, office, or in locations that suit you best. We currently operate in three primary locations – Ibiza, Sitges and Barcelona, although increasing popularity of the concept could see us rolling out new locations in the future.

Our mission is characterized by the belief that the human body and spirit is holistic in nature, and a total massage experience is truly beneficial. Enjoy the immense benefits of total massage therapy, provided by our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professional masseurs.

Our research has shown that a growing number of people would love to enjoy a regular massage but do not have the time or inclination to travel to a massage provider.  That is where we come in. You choose a time that suits you – when you can be completely relaxed and unwind. Leave the rest to us.  We will leave you in a better place, whether it is to help relieve stress, pain, or you simply want to spoil yourself.

Whatever your reason, we will recommend the most suitable massage.


Aroha Spa will always inform you of the inclusive rate at the time of booking. There will be no hidden costs or charges.

Customer Support

Our professionals will give you the attention and respect that you deserve. We welcome all feedback in order to continuously improve your experience.

Adaptable to you

We always recognize that you are the client. Your massage has to be tailored to you, and not the other way around. At Aroha Spa, we employ professionals who will help you get the best out of your experience.

Why us?

We are there simply to provide you with a great service without the hassle typically associated with “getting a massage”. Contact us today. You may be pleasantly surprised.

“Look in every corner of the world for the perfect treatment, a massage that can really eliminate negative energy from your body and renew your spirit”

(Chian Koan)

¡CONTACT US 603 58 70 68!

Massage Menu



This unique massage incorporates various chiropractic techniques, pressure, stretching maneuvers, and special oils to stimulate the senses and deeply relax the entire body.



A simple, effective and authentic spa experience. This relaxing hand body massage ritual works with the energy of the meridians using the benefits of essential oils.



Focusing on the head, eyes, neck, shoulders, hands and feet, this restorative treatment aims to relieve stress and tension resulting from frequent use of digital devices



Set aside a period of time and enjoy the most holistic experience possible, allowing our therapists to use their individual talents to create and personalize treatments based on your unique individual needs.


But if you are looking for a different kind of massage….

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